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Cablelynx High-Speed Internet offers the best online experience with speeds as fast as 50 Mbps. With many service plans to choose from there is one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Now your gaming, surfing, emailing and streaming is a whole lot faster with Cablelynx.
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Cablelynx delivers the fastest 
high-speed for all your wireless devices. Everyone in the house can enjoy speeds up to 50 Mbps to stream movies, watch HD shows, gaming or just online shopping, all at the same time.
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Cablelynx Home Phone is not your basic home phone – you can make it your own. You get unlimited local calls with options for unlimited domestic long distance and Enhanced Voicemail with family mailboxes. With online access, you can forward your phone calls, change your message or access your voicemail.
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The right business connection can increase your efficiency and productivity. Cablelynx Business Class offers commercial packages for High-Speed Internet as fast as 50Mbps, Unlimited Local and Domestic Long Distance Phone service and Direct Fiber connections.
Joyce Shelor - Hot Springs, AR
"It has been a week since I changed over to Resort Cable internet from AT&T and I have not regretted it for a minute. Thank you for taking care of my problem so quickly. The techs were very courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you Jeremy #370, and Cody #396. If you have a problem at Resort Cable, let them know and watch them take care of you!"
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Choose Cable TV... We'll take care of the rest. We hope you never have a problem with your service. But if you do, we are here for you. With the "We Make House calls" promise, we will fix your service problem at no charge to you.
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