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What sort of Personal Documents will I need to get services connected?

You will need a social security number (or tax ID number), a working telephone number and your driver's license number (or state issued ID) in order to get services connected.
Do I have to pay up front?

The first month of service is due when the technician installs your services. You can pay this anytime before he arrives, or pay the technician directly. Your installation charges are not due at this time, but will show up on your first bill.
Can I have more than 1 Static IP address?

Yes. For businesses, the first Static IP comes with your account. The rate for up to 4 static IP addresses is $20/each and up to 10 are at a rate of $10/ea. Any more than 10 static IP addresses are at a rate of $5 each.
Will you set up my mobile devices on my network?

Yes. We will set up your mobile devices on your network for you. The cost is $19.95 for the first three devices, and then $9.95 for every device after that. If you choose to set the devices up yourself, there are many resources and tutorials available on this website.
With wireless modems, will people be able to steal my internet?

Your installer will password protect your wireless signal before he leaves. If you have any issues with this, please report this to tech support as soon as possible.
With wireless modems, will my personal information be protected?

Yes. So long as your wireless internet is password protected.
What's the benefit of signing a contract?

With your service commitment, the price will be less than retail rate.
With your phone service, can I keep my current phone number?

You can keep your same phone number you use today.
Does your digital phone service require a special phone?

Any standard touch-tone or dial telephone works with our service. This includes answering machines, fax machines and caller ID displays.
Can I use my phone and internet at the same time?

Yes. The two features in your modem are independent from one another.
Do I need to be there for the installation?

Yes. The account holder, or someone else on the account, must be present to show your photo ID. In the event you cannot be available, go into our local office to fill out a document called the "Equipment Release Form" so that a neighbor or friend can stand in your place.
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