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At Cablelynx, we don’t settle for anything less than the best, and you shouldn’t either! If your current internet service is subpar or not meeting your expectations, it’s time to call our team. When it comes to your broadband internet connection, you shouldn’t have to deal with the loading circle every time you open a new tab, game, video, or song. You rely on your home and business internet to keep you connected and updated, so make sure that your internet service is the best it can be.

Your life moves at a fast pace, and your internet should, too. Give us at Cablelynx a call today to learn about getting high speed internet installed in your home or business. 

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25Mbps down 3Mbps up 500GB limit
$54.95/ month


50Mbps down 4Mbps up 
750GB limit
$79.95/ month


100Mbps down 5Mbps up
1TB limit
$99.95/ month
Additional charges may apply for optional products and services and do not include equipment fees. Additional charges may apply for installation, activation and change of service fee. The equipment may include a battery back-up source, but service (including 911/emergency services) may not function during an extended power outage and not all equipment will include a battery. Additional charges apply for optional uses such as International and Operator Assisted and Directory Assistance calls. Actual speeds may vary and many factors affect speed including the number of active devices on the network and the utilization of the devices. All rates subject to franchise fees, local and state taxes and applicable government-imposed charges. Other terms and conditions may apply. For more information and to view the Acceptable Use Policy, visit .


We have agents standing by to help you decide on a plan, and place an order for you immediately. Simply call the number below to get started. Don't forget about Facebook or Click to Chat for any questions.


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